Your Love Matters.

Human history is full of courageous individuals who sought peace and eternal wisdom through introspection, who responded to the clarion call of the universe: know thyself. No matter the epoch of history or where on the planet these individuals partook in their inward journey, there has been a rather strong consistency of the messages these people have recognized. The one we will consider today is the ever steadfast “all is one” and the implications this eternal law has on the people of earth.

“All is one” means that there is no break in the flow and interconnectivity of it all; truthfully, we are more than interconnected parts, we are one indescribably immense being that contains absolutely no divisions, we are one pristine whole. This “We” includes everything, from the most infinitesimal particle, to the souls and bodies of people, to the impressively majestic planets, and absolutely all else known or unknown to us. If it dwells in our universe it is part of the Grand Unity.

Our individual bodies are a tiny expression of that universal whole. Within each one of us rests the entirety of the universe, everything we see around us indivisibly contains all that is – this is why many throughout the eons of human existence have said that the creator, or the grand unity can be found in the most beautiful flowers or the smallest non-descript pebble. The totality is not just in conscious beings – the universe is in every drop of water and every fleck of light.

Within the universe, humanity exists as one being (separation is always an illusion). It is important to note that this does not mean that we are a separate entity from the totality of the universe – the people of earth are one of the many expressions that emerge as an aspect of the universal whole. Since humanity is one being it follows that we share one collective consciousness. Over the many moments of human history different people have put forward the idea of us having an invisible connection where our ideas, actions, and how we feel are pooled as one in a space that we can all access. We humans exist as an ocean, how we feel and what we do are the waves each one of us creates. When a large part of humanity is suffering, we can all feel it, it emerges in our lives as a limit to our maximum happiness. If there were no forms of systemic oppression or widespread misery our total cumulative happiness would reach brand new heights – we would literally all be happier.

This is why the love and kindness you give to others matters so much. You are placing more love and goodness into the ocean we all share whenever you act out of compassion. The positive energy you put out assists in the global healing that is occurring in this time of great transition. No matter how you decided to move in life give this world your good energy, it will benefit you as much as it will benefit all of us. Please, never forget that your love matters.