The Opportune Moment: As The Pressure Rises, So Will We Also Rise

I want to share with you the message the universe has driven into me these past couple of weeks. This message has arisen in me an even greater confidence in love and our ability to enact that love towards the world and all of its children. This is a message of hope.

It is more than evident that we are in times of great change. As the people of earth begin to move with their courage to more deeply apply their compassion onto the world, their actions will produce a new wave of unconditional love, which will eventually meet against fear and the shadows of ignorance. Change is a process that involves some form of destruction that is then used for a new creation to emerge, undoubtedly this will be a historic and challenging period for humanity — this is such a crucial time that the collective actions and decisions of humanity will produce an impact that will reverberate deep into the future. Our belief in love and in the possibility of making a world where people can live well without harming one another will be tested, our abilities and our faith in what is true will be pushed to their limits — but the rising intensity of the moment will produce in us an expansion of Godly proportions. As the pressure of the moment rises, so will we also rise.

The difficulty of creating a humane and empowering way of life on this world, one that has faith in nature and recognizes our divine union with all that is, will cause in us a metamorphosis, out of which our higher selves will emerge. We, as individuals and as the grander human collective, will be able to surmount any obstacle that might stand in our way, even if this means us being what we may now consider miraculous — we will be capable of whatever it may be we require. For we are the miracles of existence, limited only by the restrictions we apply to ourselves, there is nothing that is beyond our reach once we expand our image of what is possible. A deep belief and an unavoidable need will make the “impossible” much more highly probable — the purpose of this challenging period is for us to remember the immensely powerful creators that we truly are. We are creators and the totality of universe rests inside each one of us.

As we move on our Earth it is vital to remember that every individual’s greatest power is centered on their ability to change themselves — as you change, so too will the world change. When things become difficult in life, the window of opportunity widens for entry into deeper maturity. The moments of rupture in life lift the veil on the aspects of ourselves we tend to ignore, the shadowy areas that we have difficulty navigating. It is in these times that we are faced so clearly with ourselves that we are able to see our deepest internal dimensions, including the areas we struggle with — the unobserved pains and emotional wounds. Though the intensity might seem unbearable, this is an opportune moment where one can rise into their higher more loving selves. At times it might be painful to observe yourself and understand why your mind has developed certain inclinations or better yet limitations, but like all things, this pain will also pass. There are only two options, to ignore and continue hiding from yourself or to grow. Growing into a fuller love for yourself and others is difficult but evermore rewarding.

Follow what most excites your inner creative being and practice your unconditional love; worry not, this is going to be a beautiful experience. Yes, you are perfect, but you have come here to grow and to know yourself so as to fully remember the eternal perfection that dwells within you and every single human being. So much love to you all, may your moments be fruitful and filling. May you use the friction in life to brighten your light; may your love know no bounds.