Nature as a Guide for Humanity

As nature begins its rebirth in the northern hemisphere, it is helpful to remember that the movements of nature are also a guiding star for humanity. Just as each human contains the guiding star of intuition so too do we all share the external guide of nature that can teach us so much about ourselves as individuals and how to exist as one harmonious human family.

The movement of nature is one of wholesome cycles that leave nothing to waste. From the macro to the micro nature has the primary characteristic of unity and plenitude as its driving force. Within nature there is absolutely no division, everything exists as one interconnected entity that thrives on its fundamental interdependence, within nature all success is shared. Nature exists and thrives because no one part of nature is greedy, nature does not go to war with itself, it does not steal from itself, it does not hate itself. Nature's goal is to always seek harmonious balance as one united system.

Humanity can learn so much from nature, it is clear that if we are to thrive as people of the 21st century we must overcome our fears, greed, divisions, and seek to work as a whole where we are no longer directly or indirectly harming one another or our precious Earth. Nature and humanity are suffering so much because of the design of fear and greed that sets borders to nations, sees the short sighted selfishness of capitalism as its driving force, and sees war as a solution. The old ideas that nature is our enemy and that every human is alone and only for himself are cancerous ideas of the past that are driven by fear and ignorance - these ideas have literally brought humanity and the planet Earth to where it is today, a place where far too many people lack external and material freedom, a place where our system of nature is on the verge of dramatic change due to our unsustainable usage of its resources.

Luckily there is always hope for a better tomorrow by examining and changing our actions today. I do not see an end for Humanity, and certainly not an end to our powerful Earth, but we will go through a deep transition where we will arise as a new united and more aware humanity. An Earth anchored by a stronger love and peace that will emanate from the hearts of humankind. So much love to you all, may we all see the beauty and power in overcoming our fears. May we all understand that division creates conflict. May we all examine the world with courage and honesty. May we all be happy and free.